La Mer
#The Eye Concentrate – Pop-Art Digital Game

Project Brief

La Mer, one of the famous and premium cosmetics brand in Hong Kong, appointed our team to create a digital interactive game for their customers to promote their new eye product.

Guests can scan the QR code on the leaflet to access the mini-site. Guests are welcome to either upload a personal photo from their albums or take a new photo immediately. After the photo was well-generated, the photo will be officially transformed into the black and white photo. Likewise, different photo frames will be shown and can be selected by the guests, the photo frames are designed to present a pop art style. Then, some shapes and stickers, combined with specific lines and waves, will be shown and selected by guests, and wantonly rotate and zoom the stickers on the photo. The stickers are designed to fit the shape and size of eyes in which present and fulfill the theme of the new eye products La Mer promoted. Afterward, guests can download the finished photo.

Scope of work

  • User Interface
  • HTML5 Application
  • Photo Sticker Application
  • Back End Portal Development

Lamer Image
Lamer Image
Lamer Image